PPCRV Website Is Up! At Last….

The official web site of the National Parish Pastoral Council For Responsible voting is up. It was been since a lot of people are waiting for the additional information. We know that surely those responsible will set it up because it is a part of the standard operation procedure. But because of the issues that has rocked Namfrel that has somewhat affected the operation of PPCRV. One of the reason was the vote of no confidence by some sectors of the Church on running the show of the last election and its result. Well, these are allegation, but the very fact that it has caused some problems by fundamentally submitting the application for accreditation of a watch dog for political exercise of this coming election.

Now, some issues are resolve through the entrance of NASSA. Nassa is the acroname of National Secretariat f Social Action -Justice and Peace, one of the agency of the Catholic Church which concentrates on the issues and activities which governs Church Social Action. It is final that the umbrella organization will be the Nassa that will coordinate with the function of Poll watching to PPCRV and of Quick Count to Namfrel. Fundamentally, these are two names, two set of officers but the members are almost one and the same.

However, Namfrel was reinserted because the chairman Jose Concepcion resign to pave the way for a more neutral personality. Personality, I do not have a clear info on this but thats what the news has to say. I have posted several election related news here for your easy perusal.

Now, the PPCRV website has two sites, two features but the same content



One Response to “PPCRV Website Is Up! At Last….”

  1. Romeo V. Carandang Says:

    We have just developed a software called “e-QuickCount” for the 2010 election.
    We can demonstrate it should you be interested.

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