Hello world! reason d’etre

It was been a quite for sometime that I deliberated to make another blog for information on the political situation of my parish. The pastoral challenge of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines in making the year 2006 as the social concern year continually re-echoes in my heart. Well, it was almost a year when the pastoral challenge was first published and sorry to that this is already a very slow reaction. Sometimes, sayone of the greatest temptation of not making a move is that a reasoning that it is somebody’swork and somebody might have already done it. Yes, if that was the case, I will surely not make this one. However, for deeper realization, it is also my work. Working toward the civilization of love foster in each in one of us to do something we believe. St. Augustine is right wwhen he said that ” when you love you can do everything.


Yesterday was the last day of filing of candicacy of local politician, Today, it is clear who will be running for the May 2007 election. And we have to know them, so that we could vote the deserving parties so that our nation will really have good leaders, the Lord is telling us to put the right leaders, so that they could lead us to prosperity and also lead us to become better citizens of this world as to care for the things he created, so that His creation wil not come into waste.


My forthcoming post will present the national and local candidates, the local candidates will comprise only of those running for governorship, board and congressman of second district of Laguna, mayor, vice-mayor and councilors of bay. I wish to include the whole Laguna, but I do not know, if I have an available time and information for such