Boto is the Filipino word for vote. Go out and vote! Vote wisely! Protect your vote! These are just few of the battlecry for responsible voting. As parish priest of one of the Catholic parishes of the Diocese of Laguna. It is also my duty to inform, rightly inform my parishioners/congregation concerning matters that affects their lives. The documents of the Catholic church is full of them. However, it is clear that I am not here to rightly says whom to vote. If ever, I air some opinion on cetain candidates or any of his flatforms, it is my personal opinion, As Parish priest, I will not coerced anybody to vote for somebody, but like any citizens of my beloved country, Philippines, I have the right to speak my mind concerning matters that affects the life of the people within my congregation.




This site is to inform the people of the present political climate, to inform them of the Church teachings in relation to political arena.




Fundamentally, this site is to inform the public of the present situatuion and platforms of the candidates concerning the forthcoming election 2007. This will serve as an official webpage of the St. Augustine Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting. St. Augustine Parish is located in Bay, Laguna, Philippines. It will serve as ears and eyes of the people before,during and after the election. Related news will be added when available. Its workforce is 100% parish volunters of voting age.

13 Responses to “About”

  1. Dexter Says:

    Thanks Rev Jessie , For including me on your links of Blogroll

  2. Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra, Jr. Says:

    You are welcome!
    Kindly spread the word also of the video I have uploaded in the left side of the blog for voter’s education on voting, guarding and counting. You could also repost it if you like. We need to reach the maximum number of people to be informed.

  3. mindanao examiner Says:

    Some PPCRV volunteers in Jolo island sided with sitting politicians and one was spotted writing names of his candidates while assisting an old woman.
    Too bad.

  4. Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra, Jr. Says:

    Mindanao examiner, I will not deny that there are ppcrv volunteers who sucumbed to this kind of work. The PPCRV hierarchy also acknowledge that some mean politicians will put people on PPCRV volunteer line up. This is very hadr to detect unless we could read minds. Let us still remember that there are still a lot of people who volunters for a noble intention. Even the poll watchdog should watch its own rank. I suggest that you report it to the PPCRV coordinator.

  5. mindanaoexaminer Says:

    Maraming salamat Father at kaisa po ang aming pahayagan sa inyong adhikain.



  6. Lito Padua Says:

    To my beloved kababayan Sta Maria, Laguna. Thanks God for another election drama. I just wish to all candidate to accept the out come of the election win or loss. No excuse or blame to the result. If you think you done your best let it be and accept the out come. Thank you father for this website.

  7. Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra, Jr. Says:

    For some people, healing takes time. I hope, they could move on as soon as possible. I also wish that those who won the election will do their best for the upliftment of the people and this include especially those of Sta. Maria.

  8. Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra, Jr. Says:

    Election 2007 is near to its end as the Comelec sort out the last COC and PCoC. This site will continue to gather informative materials on the issue of social concern that affects the Filipino people in particular.

    It should be noted that the role of PPCRV is not only during election period. It’s mandate is to protect not only the ballot cast during the election peiod but also as the vigilant citizens to guard that those elected officials will fulfill their promises and platforms of which is the basis of the voters choice. There is much to be done. Maybe one important thrust is to change the image of being the number one corrupt country.

    We struggle to participate in the electoral process hoping to bring change to the better of what our present situation offers. It is a struggle to be pursued so that this country and its people will have a dignity that cannot be bought or replaced.

    People have a short span of memory. We have to constantly remind one another of our duties and responsibilities. If we believe that there is something to be change and action needed to make it a reality. we have to work together and check one another. This is what brotherhood or sisterhood is all about. We know that we have our own failures and weaknesses. But we have to find a solution.

    Most of the times, those who speaks for development, upliftment, change and moral integrity irks other people’s sensitivity. However, it a astand that those who could witstand it must be prepared to accept in order to offer an options.

    From experience, as part of Filipino culture,when there are people watching every move of the leader, it becomes a motivating factor to avoid evil and to pursue for what is good. Somebody commented that, it is only proper for children. Only children need to be watched. I disagree. We have to accept that fact that we advance in age, yet, there are things that we need for other’s guidance.

    Democracy does not rely solely to the hand of its leaders, it has a community component. Democracy is not only during election time. It is also a way of thinking and a way of life that must be lived everyday.

    This is the very reson that I chose the tile “Civilization of Love” as the communal reflection of the Catholic Church of which the Holy Pontiff along with the hierarchy of the Church to connotes the very fundamental function of every Christian in participation in the kingly function of Christ. For the just ordering of the society which resonates the very teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ who is the embodiment of the Love of the Father for the salvation of mankind through the guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit.

    We are a civilization hoping to attain the reality of this “Civilization of Love”

  9. CenPEG Says:

    Thank you for promoting the integrity of the vote and people empowerment. Mabuhay kayo!

    Center for People Empowerment in Governance (CenPEG)
    Visit http://www.cenpeg.org

  10. Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra, Jr. Says:

    Mabuhay Tayo!
    I have seen your site, I have seen your organization’s platform for good governance. And I could say that it eas a good and clear cut positions that you have maid in issues on governance and politics. It is nice to see several Filipinos working for such a noble cause.
    There is one thing that I have not found out, the people and the movers behind the organization. Well, your contributors are there as they post their articles but the core of your organization. Well, I might not know them personally. But how much more to know about them if they are not there anyway. I am just wondering
    But, still the same, I wish you good luck in your endeavour in bringging up some important issues and discussion of which people may find some option to consider. And this is what we all need. Alternatives.

  11. PinoyBee.com Says:

    Fr. Jessie

    Elections are over, but the needs of Filipinos across the globe to stay informed of their families and Motherland continues. Thanks for blogging to help in this cause.

    I will include your blog for RSS subscription.

    PinoyBee.com : A News Democracy
    Citizen Journalist

  12. joan Says:

    i badly needed also lists of voters in laguna coz im looking for my uncle Mario Abelgas, 20 yrs na namin di sya nakita, last we know is nasa laguna sya. Dying na kasi lola ko and we are hoping na makita nya anak nya b4 she passed away. His complete name is Mario Bardilas Abelgas. hope you could help me. Taga Digos Davao del Sur kami.

    pls email me if you some info: mjoan_@hotmail.com
    YM: joan_a5trx@yahoo.com.ph


  13. Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra, Jr. Says:


    You know how many voters there are in Laguna. We will be looking a needle in a hay stack.

    However, I can help you by posting his picture and other related information about him in my other site especifically made for missing persons. http://frjes.wordpress.com/

    Please email me for the said corresponding informations

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