Report Irregularities

Reports and documented untoward incidents and irregularities (pictures, videos) during the 2007 national and local elections are welcome in this site.

Please add reports as comments or provide links to photos and websites.

If you want to post videos or photos in this page, please email

2 Responses to “Report Irregularities”

  1. Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra, Jr. Says:

    At around 9:15 this morning, one of our volunter Romero “lotlot”Panisales was harrassed by the incumbent Mayor Bunoy Ramos inside the polling station, Bay, Central Elementary school. He was refraining people from bringing the polletos to the poling station when the Mayor approached him and asked why he is refraining the voters from bringging the polletos (these are not sample ballots but a snipshit of a candidates profile in the polling station. Lotlot responded that it is against the law to do so as stipulated in the manual. The mayor asked for the said comelec provision. It happens that lotlot did not bring his copy. The Mayor seems agitated and grab lotlot shoulder and back and pressed it. There is nothing serious about it. However, it creates fear and commotion among the volunteer especially that lotlot have never entertained the thought because he himself voted for the said Mayor. Sometimes, it is hard to let politicians understand that the role of PPCRV is neutral, we simply want to help make this election a real voice of the people.

  2. Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra, Jr. Says:

    Leon Duron, the candidate for Mayor, the challenger came to report two things at around 10:00 this morning

    1. Barrangay official was seen in the poling station of maitim, Bay laguna

    2. Mayor was in the gate of the central school in the town proper.

    He reported the matter to the police station especifically to the police chief that the incumbent mayor was in the central polling station. The police chief was adamant to go, but leon persuaded the police chief. So, they proceded to the said polling station, the chief of police have not been able to do his job so Duron have said that if the police chief could not do his job, he will be the one who will lead out the mayor from the place. Hearing it, it was then that the mayor had left.

    I have instructed the PPCRV chairman to file a request to the comelec to beef up the security force in this municipality. We have to avoid any untoward incidents until the last vote is count.

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