Corruption—A Social & Moral Cancer (2)

Corruption–A Social & Moral Cancer (1)

Chief Justice nixes offer to head ‘moral revolution’ council

Chief Justice nixes offer to head ‘moral revolution’ council
By Tetch Torres, Leila Salaverria, Philippine Daily Inquirer

First Posted 09:42:00 02/19/2008




In his letter to De Venecia, Puno thanked the members for electing him in absentia but said his refusal was due to his position as chief justice, lawyer Jose Midas Marquez said Tuesday.

De Venecia launched the council Sunday night at his home in Forbes Park in Makati City with Senate President Manuel Villar Jr., some lawmakers, and leaders of various faiths.

The group elected Puno, who was not present at the gathering, as the council’s interim chairman.

While members of the council maintained that the group was apolitical, its first order of business would be to call on President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to address charges of corruption.