Corruption—A Social & Moral Cancer (2)


10 Responses to “Corruption—A Social & Moral Cancer (2)”

  1. artisgossip Says:

    yess, you are right, corruption has damage our economy, it can be controlled by using serious punishment like execution

  2. woman diary Says:

    corruption is classical problem, we need strong punishment by cutting it chain, yess I agree to use execution at this case..

  3. iloiloclassifieds Says:

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  4. iloiloclassifieds Says:

    We support Civilization of Love!

  5. extracebu Says:

    What should we do if you do not have place to report corrupt officials. The local leader, the police, the heads, the ombuds. It simply you dont know where to go now.

    I hope the church establish a section that common folk can approach for help. For we do not where to go now.

    DepEd Teacher

  6. RLTJ Says:

    Daku guid ang nabulig sang simbahan behind the struggle of the Filipino people against the moral decay and corruption in government. I cannot imagine where the Filipinos now without the churches. Sadyang napakalaki lang ng problema ng lipunan.

    I think the role of the church in high politics is at the side. Isa pa, mas makakakita ng maliwanag ang isang meron o naka distansya kaysa mga mismong involved. The church should play no more than a driving force.

    I am a Christian but I wont vote Fr. Ed Panlilio for President if it comes to that. I think God has spoken also in the case Bro Ed Villanueva.

    Yes, I think government needs to be harsh against persons who seem to be deaf to the words of God and I dont think the job needs a priest or a pastor. I mean, the way of the church in dealing with sinners is different. And I think this is the big reason.

  7. bokep gratis Says:

    Corruptors must die!

  8. Artis Hot Says:

    Corruptors must die!!!

  9. Rod Says:

    Aids and all other STDs are product of moral – social corruption. I think spending public money to save people from them, as one reason, is absurd. Government is in effect encouraging immorality.

    Condom as means of population control is a different issue. I think it needs careful debate and review by all.

  10. Rod Says:

    Even science supports the fact that free sex is not good.

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