Civil Society, Donors, Gov’t Commit to Make Aid More Effective in Combating Poverty

Civil society groups met today with representatives of government and major donor agencies to discuss how to work together in ensuring that official development assistance (ODA) is effectively used to reduce poverty in the country.

In a multi-stakeholders’ consultation organized by AidWatch Philippines on July 18, major donor agencies the World Bank and Asian Development Bank (ADB), and government representatives agreed with civil society groups that the country’s aid system should undergo major changes to help combat poverty. The meeting identified issues related to the principles of the Paris Declaration, a set of reforms aimed at improving aid in reducing poverty and inequality in recipient countries.

World Bank country director Bert Hofman and ADB senior specialist Claudia Buentjen gave keynote speeches on development effectiveness in the Philippine context.

Government representatives included the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA), members of the Congressional Oversight Committee on ODA (Cocoda), Commission on Audit, Departments of Agrarian Reform and Social Welfare and Development, and local government units. NEDA Project Monitoring Staff director Roderick Planta shared the evaluation of the implementation of the Paris Declaration in the Philippines .

Over 60 civil society organizations from participated in the multi-stakeholders’ meeting. Representatives of the Canadian International Development Agency and UNICEF were also present.

The July 18 multi-stakeholders’ meeting is the culmination of a series of island-wide consultations on aid effectiveness organized by AidWatch. Such multi-stakeholder process involving broad civil society formation, government and donors is considered one of the most advanced practices in the aid process.

AidWatch Philippines is a national network of grassroots-based non-government groups working on ODA issues in the country. It has over 150 members in more than 50 provinces nationwide, including 10 national networks and regional formations.
AidWatch Philippines aims to deepen relationships and develop various levels of collaboration between NGOs on aid-related issues and concerns. It also looks forward to constructive engagement with official government and donor agencies on the basis of fundamental development principles.


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