More Filipinos feel that their livelihood worsened compared to the previous quarter, according to the latest results of the nationwide survey conducted by research group IBON Foundation.

The April 2008 nationwide survey shows that the number of Filipinos who said that their livelihood worsened grew significantly from 46.3% in January 2008 to 64.3% in April. Those who answered that their livelihood got better fell from 6.1% in January to 4.4% in the latest survey.

Asked if their family’s income is enough for their needs, 71% of the respondents said that it is not enough, an increase of almost 10 percentage points from January 2008.

The latest IBON survey was conducted across various sectors nationwide with 1,495 respondents from April 7 to 16. The survey used multi-stage probability sampling and has a margin of error of plus or minus three percent.

Below is the tabulation of results of respondents’ perception of their livelihood and income.

How is your livelihood today compared to a year ago?

January 2008 April 2008
Frequency Percentage Frequency Percentage
Better 92 6.12 66 4.41
Same 686 45.64 449 30.03
Worse 696 46.31 962 64.35
Don’t know 21 1.40 14 0.94
No answer 8 0.53 4 0.27
Total 1,503 100.00 1,495 100.00

Is your family’s income enough for its needs?

January 2008 April 2008
Frequency Percentage Frequency Percentage
More than enough 13 0.86 25 1.67
Enough 543 36.13 380 25.42
Not Enough 928 61.74 1,069 71.51
Don’t know 13 0.86 19 1.27
No answer 6 0.40 2 0.13
Total 1,503 100.00 1,495 100.00



  1. lotusflower Says:

    How true Father!

    And is it possible that one of the reasons is population explosion? In a dizzying speed to increase itself? Is it not possible that the Catholic Church in the Philippines advice its flock to take it easy on propagation? All of us must handle this in a sober and pragmatic manner, don’t you think so Father?

    I’d love to hear your opinion on this. And are you really a priest? Sorry:-)

    Cheers Father!

  2. josie Says:

    Every day price will go up it is in Revelation.;&version=31;

    After that others things will follow.
    We will just have Someone to rely and lean on.
    Still lot of question I hope the author have one.

  3. josie Says:

    A forum for catholic members can ask question to their leaders and authorities and compare to other religion.

    There are many leaders of religion and its there job to preach,in preaching they will be hated by many, especially when they are preaching the Gospel.

    Who among them are from GOD.
    Other religion are different from another just a comment.

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