Nbn Contract

josede.jpg“BACK OFF.” Jose de Venecia III demonstrates on Iloilo Vice Governor Rolex Suplico how First Gentleman Mike Arroyo allegedly ordered him to back off from bidding for the controversial NBN contract that eventually went to ZTE Corp. of China. PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER/ROGER MARGALLO

One Response to “Nbn Contract”

  1. RLTJ Says:

    People do not understand why important ZTE-Broadband and sister deal documents that will involve people’s money amounting to at least 42 billion PhP, CANNOT BE disclosed by those who ADMINISTER for them. That such important documents has got lost, does not make sense to people. Loss of election CoCs was a test that might have come to pass, but I think, to people, there is always a limit to everything.

    In the seriousness of the many allegations hurled against her, and by the manner Malacañang carries or positions itself in the controversies, whatever rhetoric or even achievements GMA makes in the war against graft and corruption, is not helping her any better. In fact they are becoming regarded as smokescreens and diversionary.

    It is becoming synthesized that GMA’s administration is not only NON-TRANSPARENT but it is also DELIBERATELY HIDING, and with callous, many information, which the public has the RIGHT to know.

    And Malacañang is irking here not only its usual antagonists but the very system to include the seemingly inert types who do not usually participate in any partisan squabbles. Sometimes non partisans did come out strong to be counted and that is a fact. And when they happened, it is no longer a matter about legality and technicality. It is about doing away with something that was already accepted as not doing them and the nation any good. We call the experiences EDSA 1 and EDSA 2, erratic movements in time called Revolutions. A revolution thrashes away any argument of the deposed.

    Generally, Filipinos have non-violence deep in its culture. They have been kinder to the deposed rulers.

    There were revolutionary attempts against the Arroyo administration but they all failed. There were factors in EDSA 1 and EDSA 2 not present in later exercises. The perception that former President Estrada was to be reinstated to power simply reserved part of EDSA 2. Sandigan verdict against disgraced President Joseph E. Estrada has made him less of a complication to dampen those forces today.

    And if they are added to the tensions of the contained Hello Garci, the Jocjoc Bolante and the many more scams being linked to the first family, what have we got? I think Malacañang has got more reasons to shape up and shape up fast before the nation can come to its Critical moment. Sometimes the sea just heaved and swelled and gods had to be appeased.

    IF one wishes to be sent to the guillotine or be nailed to the cross in lieu of others, maybe it is fair enough.


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