sugar.jpgILLEGAL SUGAR. Bukidnon Governor Jose Zubiri (R), president of the Confederation of Sugar Producers Associations, and Customs Commissioner Napoleon Morales show 24 tons of refined sugar from Thailand that was seized by Custom officials. PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER/RYAN LIM


One Response to “Contraband”

  1. RLTJ Says:

    250 thousand metric tons of sugar smuggled into the country is not simple smuggling. And for government not to know the brains behind the reported perennial activity is hard to believe. Local trading of sugar in the country is an established order. It is illogical that somebody is bringing in sugar and does business by himself outside of that system. They support and fuel the suspicions that sugar trading in the Philippines is being controlled and manipulated by a cartel with the Philippines only a part of its theater, bringing in sugar to create an oversupply as part of manipulations, aside from systematic disinformation. The problem here is that some authorities, somewhere, for one reason or another, are not doing their job of protecting not only sugar farmers but 99.9 % of the people in sugar producing regions. Such is economic sabotage and destabilization.

    Sugarcane farmers must liquidate their weekly Quedans whether they like the price or not. News and even mere rumors of smuggled sugar have made them silent when selling their sugar at prices they feel are unfair. They are not in the position to counter- manipulate. (Holding sugar for better price may be counter- manipulative).

    Senator Migs Zubiri is right, the emerging ethanol industry will alleviate the problem for sugar farmers, with Mother Nature herself – pure natural law of supply and demand – expected to elbow her way in. Ethanol production will compete with sugar production for supply of raw material that is sugarcane.

    Farmers and millers will probably be dealing per TC-PSTC instead of the present LKG when Ethanol industry will be in place. Whatever, people should expect traders to adapt in there for their own advantage and bias interests, too.

    Meanwhile, maybe Senator Migs Zubiri and sugar leaders, or government itself, should study the feasibility of a nationalized system of sugar and ethanol trading by government to primarily benefit Planters/farmers, millers and the general sectors…. Emancipation of helpless and miserable Sacadas and sugar industrial workers depends in there.//RLTJ
    Modified September 23, 2007.


    DAILY STAR: Top Stories (

    Bacolod City, PhilippinesThursday, September 6, 2007
    ‘SRA projected price for sugar too low’

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