Guilty of plunder

estrada.jpgGUILTY. Deposed president Joseph Estrada is interviewed by journalists outside the courtroom of the Sandiganbayan anti-graft court after he was found guilty of plunder. AFP/ROMEO GACAD


2 Responses to “Guilty of plunder”

  1. Jeremiah Grafia Says:

    No Comment…. Want To View The Page Because Of Educational Purposes

  2. Not important Says:

    Birds of the same feather flock together.

    I believe Ex-president Joseph E. Estrada, convicted of plunder by Sandigan Bayan, is not in any position to dictate any condition for his pardon.

    Filipinos are very lenient people. There is always a place for forgiveness in their heart.

    Pardons, like amnesty, are based on principles. And Malacañang palace, acting on behalf of the Filipino people, has no right to sell-out edsa-2 or the Republic.

    Other than unconditional pardon, the nearest easy way out for Ex-President Joseph E. Estrada apparently would be an acquittal by the Supreme Court. We all believe in democracy.

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