US medical transcription firm confident with RP business

By Alexander Villafania
Last updated 03:39pm (Mla time) 09/07/2007

MANILA, Philippines — US medical transcription services provider MXSecure is optimistic of the Philippines’ potential contribution in the global dollar medical transcription industry.


The company, which is strengthening its presence in the Philippines, already has 15 Philippine transcription firms that provide services to American clients. However, its main concern now is to increase the performance level requirements that would place the country in the medical transcription outsourcing map.


MXSecure Global Operations Director Arlene Dicks said the Philippines still has to take some time to develop its transcription skills, particularly in the area of listening to voice records, typing and most importantly, language.


“There are some terms that a medical transcriptionist misses to spell out correctly but mainly because of the way some doctors dictate through their recorders,” Dicks said.


In addition, some of the production quality in the Philippines is still below the required 100 percent by medical institutions in the US. Dicks said the average level of the Philippines is around 92 percent and above.


“You have to be way higher than that to assure clients that their records are accurate,” he said.


Dicks said that MXSecure’s presence in the Philippines is intended not just to bring business to the fledgling industry but also to transfer quality of performance of their US counterparts. For instance, a US based transcriptionist can type as fast as 80 words per minute compared to an average FIlipino transcriptionist of 35 words per minute.


It also intends to encourage transcription services providers to build disaster recovery strategies and work with medical transcription schools regarding standardizing training courses.


“There are certain levels of quality that Philippine medical transcription firms have to adopt before getting more clients. The companies here have to set the baseline for quality,” she said.


Citing figures from the International Data Corporation, the size of the outsourcing business in medical transcription is $4.2 billion and majority of that still goes to India. Likewise, the growth in outsourcing such work is at least 16.1 percent every year.


“For us in MXSecure, we’re only getting about $10 million, but only because we’re focused on US clinics. There are thousands of clinics and we have 500 clients. The potential is tremendous,” Dicks said.


Dicks noted that MXSecure’s production rate is about 6 million lines per month and 80 percent of this is coming from the Philippines.


“We expect that with the execution of our plans for the Philippines, we can increase production,” Dicks said.


Dicks also announced the appointment of a Philippine Country Manager to oversee the company’s activities in the Philippines.


Former EData Managing Director Evelyn Abat will form a team to deal with transcription partners and training facilities.


Abat, who was a former president of the Medical Transcription Industry Association of the Philippines, said that MXSecure has also sent its application form to the group just recently.


“It’s our goal to get everyone together and work to improve the quality of work in the Philippines,” Abat said.


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