PLDT hopes online IT quiz would showcase broadband in RP

By Erwin Oliva
Last updated 05:00pm (Mla time) 08/29/2007

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) hopes to showcase potential Internet broadband applications during the finals of a nationwide online computer quiz competition this week.


Joined by graduates of the telephone company’s community outreach program for the last four years, the IT quiz competition will have four teams competing remotely via the Internet, said Evelyn Mamauag-del Rosario, head of PLDT Community Relations Division, in a telephone interview.


The online quiz show, dubbed PLDT MyDSL Broadband Quiz, will involve a quizmaster situated remotely from the participants. Each participant will have a video streaming view of the quizmaster on their computers, as they answer questions, the PLDT executive said.


Last week, Del Rosario said the regional finals involved 19 teams stationed in different branches of PLDT’s Internet café chain Netopia in key cities in the country.


On April 30, the four team finalists representing the National Capital Region, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao will congregate in Metro Manila. They will be situated in four different Netopia branches in the metropolitan area, she said.


“We want to showcase the capability of our broadband Internet system. It is not only used for surfing or playing games,” the PLDT executive added.


The quiz, which will run for about 45 minutes, will test the computer literacy of the finalists.


A system has been placed to address possible latency issues during the online quiz show, Del Rosario said.


PLDT and the Asian College of Science and Technology Foundation Inc., have been offering free computer literacy training to public high school students and teachers as part of a community outreach program, the executive said.


The project evolved from targeting select communities to eventually providing a computer literacy course for public high school students and teachers.


“The Infotech outreach program is a project of the community relations program,” Del Rosario said. “We helped teachers and students of national public high schools learn how to use the computer. It is free. It involves a four-hour course for six days. It started with select schools in NCR through Netopia, then we went to the barangay level. Finally, we expanded it to the public national high schools. From 2003 to present, we’ve had 2,000 graduates.”


Recently, at least 54 schools expressed interest in joining the program, the executive said.


The IT quiz show is PLDT’s strategy to encourage corporate people to explore other applications for Internet broadband technology, she said.


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