Manila’s doors closed to armed MMDA enforcers

By Tina Santos
Last updated 03:41am (Mla time) 08/09/2007

MANILA, Philippines – Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim will not welcome Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic enforcers armed with bolos in the city.


Lim said he would not allow armed MMDA personnel to manage traffic on city streets.


“That would be difficult,” he said. “Why not give them batuta (nightsticks) instead?,” he said.


The mayor was reacting to the reported move by the MMDA to arm more than 2,000 traffic enforcers with bolos for self-defense. MMDA chief Bayani Fernando said they were seriously considering arming traffic enforcers with jungle bolos as protection against abusive motorists.


He said motorists and public utility vehicle drivers were known to threaten traffic enforcers with lead pipes or even guns.


Lim said if the plan pushed through, he would order Manila policemen to confiscate the bolos and arrest the traffic enforcers.


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