Survey lists DSWD No. 1 in approval rating

Survey lists DSWD No. 1 in approval rating

Last updated 05:25am (Mla time) 08/03/2007

MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is the country’s top ranking government agency with nearly 70 per cent approval rating for performance among government agencies.


This was one of the major findings of Pulse Asia’s July Ulat ng Bayan survey, which revealed that 69 percent Filipinos ranked the DSWD number one in approval for performance.


The DSWD, the Pulse Asia survey showed, also enjoys the lowest disapproval rating among the government agencies surveyed. Only 7 percent of the respondents disapproved of the performance of the DSWD.


Of the 15 government entities rated for performance in the July 2007 survey, the DSWD posted the highest approval followed by the Department of Education (67 percent) and the Department of Health (63 percent).


Highest in Mindanao


The survey showed that the DSWD obtained its highest approval rating of 76 percent from rural Mindanao, followed by rural Luzon (75 percent) and urban Visayas (72 percent).


“This demonstrates that DSWD programs and services are being felt in a positive way by poor Filipinos, particularly in the rural areas,” Social Welfare Secretary Esperanza I. Cabral said.


The survey indicated that the July 2007 public approval for performance of the DSWD improved by 7 percent over the 62 percent in March 2007. The past year has seen a sustained and significant improvement in public approval of the DSWD. Two other frontline agencies of the government, the Department of Education and the Department of Health, traditionally enjoy high public approval and low disapproval ratings.


Cabral herself obtained a moderately high awareness rating of 73 percent among Filipinos nationwide. Respondents from Metro Manila, Luzon, the economically best-off (Class ABC) and those with at least some college education record the highest awareness ratings for the DSWD secretary (up to 85 percent). On the other hand, those most approving of her performance were the elderly, college graduates, and those from urban Visayas and rural Mindanao (up to 49 percent).


In addition, almost one half of Filipinos (45 percent) believe that the DSWD is among the top government agencies which help uplift the living conditions of the poor. The DSWD is most often ranked/mentioned first among the agencies which help uplift living standards, followed by the DoH, DepEd and Department of Labor and Employment.


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