Bulusan falls silent after ash explosion

By Bobby Labalan
Southern Luzon Bureau
Last updated 04:05am (Mla time) 08/02/2007

JUBAN, SORSOGON—Mt. Bulusan fell silent a day after it spewed a column of ash and pebbles five kilometers into the air.


Bella Tubianosa, resident volcanologist, said the volcano showed no danger signs on Wednesday, except for 46 volcanic earthquakes.


The volcano roared at 9:37 a.m. on Tuesday, sending residents and officials running to safety.


Disaster officials said most of the ash could have fallen into the sea.


Noel Pura, action officer of the Provincial Disaster Coordinating Council, said four towns reported experiencing ash fall. These were the villages of Puting-Sapa, Sankayon, Rangas, Buraburan in Juban; Cogon, Gulang-gulang, Monbon and Gabao in Irosin; San Roque in Bulusan; and Siuton, Biton, Tula-tula Sur, Lapinig and Busay in Magallanes.


Pura said there were no report of injuries or damages.


Jovencio Dioquino, village chief of Rangas, Juban, said vegetable farms in his village were covered with ash.


Juban Mayor Tess Guab-Fragata said the wind blew the ash away from her town. “Thanks to the strong wind,” she said.


Bulusan is one of the country’s 22 active volcanoes. It has erupted 16 times previously, the last one early last year.


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