More than three-fourths of Filipinos rated themselves as poor in the latest survey conducted by independent think-tank IBON Foundation.

76.8% of respondents to the IBON July 2007 Survey said they thought of themselves as poor, from 67.6% in January and 69.3% in the same period last year.

According to IBON executive editor Rosario Bella Guzman, these results are not surprising considering that there are still insufficient livelihood opportunities in the country. 44.35% of respondents said that there were not enough available jobs/livelihood opportunities in their area, 32.66% said there were none, while 16.94% said there were enough.

The July 2007 IBON survey was conducted nationwide with 1,488 respondents to find out the people’s perception of the economy, their livelihood and income, government performance, and other pressing issues. The latest survey has a margin of error of plus or minus three percent. (end)

Below is the tabulation of results of the respondents’ perception on poverty and availability of jobs

When you look at your situation today, do you think of yourself as poor?

July 2006                             Jan 2007                              July 2007

Frequency     %                   Frequency     %                   Frequency     %

Yes  1,030              69.27              1,010              67.65             1,143              76.81

No    277                 18.63              106                 7.10               217                 14.58

Are there available jobs/livelihood opportunities in your area?

July 2006                      Jan 2007                               July 2007

Frequency       %           Frequency      %                    Frequency            %

Yes                           210          14.12        325                  21.77                     252           16.94

Yes, but not enough   640          43.04        561                  37.58                     660           44.35

None                         567          38.13        530                  35.5                       486           32.66


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