Fisheries execs design new net to reduce catching time

By Yolanda Sotelo-Fuertes
Last updated 03:21am (Mla time) 07/28/2007

SAN FABIAN, Pangasinan—Fishermen from Barangay Rabon here need not stay out at sea for long hours as the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute (NFRDI) has designed a semi-stationary fish trap that could reduce the number of hours they spend to catch fish.


Westly Rosario, NFRDI executive director and chief of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources’ Dagupan research center, said the agency has signed a memorandum of agreement with the San Fabian government and the Rabon Fishermen’s Association (RFA) to test the modified fyke nets (locally called banwar) to protect and conserve the resources of the Lingayen Gulf and the rivers of Pangasinan.


The fishermen, with technical assistance from NFRDI personnel, were tapped to make the nets at the BFAR research center in Dagupan City.


The nets will be turned over to the fishermen next month during the opening of the Asian Fisheries Academy at the center, Rosario said.


He said fyke nets are traditional semi-stationary fishing gear usually made of fine mesh nets that trap small fish and shrimps. These are placed in rivers.


“Juvenile fishes usually stay at the river’s mouth where plenty of food is available to them. Since these are trapped by the fyke nets, the system is not sustainable considering our limited resources. In the sea, the modified fyke nets with larger mesh will catch only the mature fish,” Rosario said.


The modified nets will be placed where the water depth is seven meters or about a kilometer away from the shore. Fishermen will harvest the trapped fishes twice daily, he said.


Rosario said fishermen are expected to catch 25 kg of fish daily and this may increase depending on the season.


The expected yield is higher than the 2 kg to 20 kg daily catch of fishermen using gill nets, said Danilo Ducusin, RFA president.


Ducusin said he had to spend several hours a day at sea to catch fish, but with the fyke nets, he will only go to sea to harvest whatever is caught by the nets. This is a big help for him because he works as a security guard, he said.


The efficiency of the gear in catching larger and high value fish, and its economic returns, would be evaluated.


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