Lim launches antipollution drive

Greening of Manila starts Aug.1

By Allison Lopez
Last updated 01:15am (Mla time) 07/27/2007

MANILA, Philippines – As part of his environmental program, Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim will lead a massive tree-planting activity in the city on Aug. 1.


“We will plant trees all over the city, including sidewalks where there will be shade once they grow. Apart from that, the leaves will absorb carbon dioxide,” he said.


Lim added that they have received 1,000 seedlings from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for the event.


Various groups like the Boy Scouts of the Philippines will join city officials in the activity.


Smoke-belching vehicles, said Lim, would also be targeted by his campaign against pollution.


Meanwhile, Winner Foundation president Regina Paterno said they would conduct their own tree-planting activities on Aug. 4 and 12 in celebration of International Arbor (Tree) Day.


“Right now we have a geodetic engineer who will check if the drainage in Arroceros Forest Park is okay. We want to make sure everything is in place before we start planting new trees,” she said.


The Pasig River walkway, which is being renovated, would also be dotted with trees by their group, said Paterno.


The environmentalist also called for water conservation because “power shortages are caused by water scarcity.”


Lim advised city residents yesterday to conserve water and electricity due to reports that drought and brownouts might occur because of shortages.


“We should limit water consumption. For example, when you wash your hands don’t take too long and don’t leave faucets running,” he said “Turn off the lights if you don’t need them,” he added.


Car wash owners, added Lim, could do their part by using buckets instead of hoses.


He said conservation measures would also reduce expenses.


The water level at Angat Dam, which supplies the commodity to Metro Manila, was reported to be 6 meters below the critical level recently.


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