DepEd aims for student entrepreneurship

DepEd aims for student entrepreneurship
By Alexander Villafania
Last updated 02:29pm (Mla time) 07/27/2007

MANILA, Philippines — As part of its technical and vocational program, the Department of Education (DepEd) will soon start the six-day Student Technologists and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines (STEP), a series of activities that focus on skills development of students.

The DepEd will set a schedule of activities for the school year 2007-2008 that will be held at the department’s offices in Region 11 on November 19.


The theme for this year’s STEP is “Upgrading Skills, Improving Lives.”




It puts a premium on the participation of school organizations to disseminate skills and knowledge on technical and vocational education.


Among the focus areas in this year’s STEP are Home Economics, Agricultural Technology, Industrial Arts, and Retail Trade.


Elementary and secondary school students can avail of the course offerings through DepEd’s Center for Students and Co-Curricular Affairs.


The DepED aims to provide a venue for students from both public and private schools to gain relevant knowledge and skills on technical and vocational education.


Education Secretary Jesli Lapus said the agency’s concern, in particular, is the mismatch between the number of graduates schools produce and the number of available jobs that require vocational skills and knowledge.


“Millions of college diploma holders are still unemployed despite the huge demand for skilled workers. Technology paired with entrepreneurial possibilities will translate to generation of job opportunities,” Lapus said.


2 Responses to “DepEd aims for student entrepreneurship”

  1. Bootstrap business Says:

    This is good news. The number of unemployed people, most especially graduates, are still high. With the government paritcularly DepEd introducing and facilitating such activities related to entrepreneurship, most of the unemployed graduates will have a chance to uplift their lives.

  2. Lance Says:

    Yes the STEP annual affair which is the competition and conference is an experience not only for the entrepreneurship but for the lifetime recognition of student potentials and dream. Because this national affair is being attended of brightest and skillful student all over the Phils. Only the best may enter the national.

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