Beheaders of Marines identified

Beheaders of Marines identified
By Ramon Tulfo
Last updated 00:58am (Mla time) 07/26/2007

MANILA, Philippines — My sources in Basilan identify at least two persons who allegedly beheaded and mutilated the dead Marines who were ambushed by Moro rebels and the men of former Gov. and now Rep. Wahab Akbar.


The culprits are reportedly two henchmen of Albarka Mayor Karam Jakilan. Jakilan is Akbar’s close associate, according to my sources.


One of them is allegedly a former detainee charged with murder, extortion and kidnapping.


The men reportedly killed an imam whose death was blamed on the Marines. They suspected the imam of being an informer of the Marines, say my sources.


* * *


No amount of money that Cebu Rep. Pablo Garcia reportedly distributed to some of his colleagues got him the position of Speaker.


It was Garcia’s money against the charisma of Pangasinan Rep. Jose de Venecia.


Garcia was not even nominated by any of the congressmen who became beneficiaries of his “rain of money” as a Luzon lawmaker described the alleged vote-buying.


The Cebu congressman allegedly distributed P500,000 each to some lawmakers with a promise of P1 million more if he got elected as Speaker.


Now, where did all that money come from?


Some people point to the 81-year-old congressman’s son, Winston Garcia, general manager of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS).


Even if it’s not true, the suspicion is there.


After all, where there’s smoke there’s fire.


It’s high time the young Garcia was replaced as chief of the big money-making government-controlled corporation in order to avoid such suspicions in the future.


* * *


The Court of Appeals (CA) recently met en banc to discuss whether or not to recall to Manila all the justices assigned in its branches in Cebu and Cagayan de Oro City.


It’s time those justices were reassigned to Manila to erase the stigma of corruption attached to the two CA branches.


It is said that some justices in the two CA branches, especially those in Cebu, have been selling their decisions on temporary restraining orders to litigants who can afford to pay the “correct price.”


My sources in Cebu say that the lawyer-son of a prominent retired magistrate acts as a middleman between some Cebu CA justices and wealthy litigants.


* * *


The Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group (PASG) is not getting cooperation from some personnel at the Bureau of Customs.


PASG chief Antonio Villar, who has the rank of undersecretary, wrote Customs Commissioner Napoleon Morales to complain about the refusal of some of the latter’s men to give his office assistance.


On July 14, PASG agents intercepted two container vans coming from the piers that they suspected contained highly-dutiable cargoes that were undervalued.


The PASG agents sought the help of customs personnel but were allegedly rebuffed.


They were identified as Customs Policeman Jimmy de Leon, lawyer Floro Calixian and Maj. Isabelo Tibayan.


The three men, according to Villar, refused to receive the apprehended vans for safekeeping.


Tibayan, deputy customs police chief, is the son of a broker who handles the importation of highly-taxable luxury cars.


He is also a nephew of a former top customs official.


* * *


My source at the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) says the agency is checking on whether the following candies have formalin: Kalaman-C mint, Kendi, White Rabbit buttertoffee, Tamarind Deliciosa, Vi-Va Caramel Sweets, Blast Menthol, I Love You, Remember Me, Only You, Let’s Have a Date, I’m Sorry and Do You Love Me candies.


They are manufactured by a local confectionery that imports White Rabbit from China which was found by BFAD to have formalin.


The chemical is used for embalming purposes and is also utilized to prolong the shelf life of some food.


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