Cops seek law requiring banks to install security cameras

By Kristine L. Alave
Last updated 05:55pm (Mla time) 07/23/2007

MANILA, Philippines — Chief Superintendent Luizo Ticman, Eastern Police District director, has urged local government officials in the area to pass laws that would require banks to install cameras and other security equipment inside and outside their establishments.

Ticman on Monday said this system would speed up the identification of robbers.

At present, not all banks have a closed circuit television system that monitors what is happening both inside and outside their establishments, he added.


According to the EPD chief, local governments should also compel banks to improve their security and alarm systems. He proposed that city councils pass an ordinance requiring banks to have sophisticated security systems and those which fail to comply with the requirement should not be given a business permit.

Ticman earlier asked banks to install cameras in strategic parts of their establishments after a series of robberies in the eastern part of Metro Manila.

Deputy Director General Reynaldo Varilla, head of the National Capital Region Police Office, also ordered the city’s police districts to establish a desk that would solve bank heist complaints and conduct operations against syndicates.

He also ordered the activation of the Anti-Bank Robbery Special Operations Task Force to oversee the progress of the project.

The order, Varilla said, came after a June 29 meeting between the top brass of the NCRPO, bank security managers and members of the Joint Anti-Bank Robbery Action Committee.

Varilla directed the activation of the task force after bank officials “expressed dismay over the failure of police authorities to pursue cases and arrest suspects of bank robberies.”


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