The men allegedly behind beheading of dead Marines

ramon_tulfo.jpgBy Ramon Tulfo
Last updated 02:31am (Mla time) 07/21/2007

MANILA, Philippines — Many readers were shocked upon reading in this column Thursday about the alleged participation of the men of former Basilan governor and now Rep. Wahab Akbar in the massacre of Marines in the province.


Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) rebels and Akbar’s men reportedly conspired in ambushing the Marines who were returning home after a futile search for kidnapped Italian priest Giancarlo Bossi.


Here’s another shocker: The MILF was telling the truth when it denied that its members committed the beheading and mutilation of the dead Marines.


My source in the military intelligence alleges that the people who beheaded and mutilated the dead Marines were Akbar’s men!


Akbar, as you know, is a former leader of the Abu Sayyaf who surrendered to the government.


With the massacre of the Marines, it would look like Akbar’s loyalties are still with the Abu Sayyaf.


The MILF and Akbar’s men, according to my source, ambushed the Marines to give covering fire for the Abu Sayyaf who were fleeing with Bossi.


My source, quoting some people in the community where the ambush took place, said the Abu Sayyaf thought the Marines came to the area to rescue Bossi.


In fact, the Marines, according to an official government report on the massacre, were on their way home and were just passing through.


Akbar’s men allegedly beheaded and mutilated the dead Marines to show their fellow MILF ambushers they held sway in the area.


* * *


Representative Akbar, whose wife is now the governor, should be made to account for the crime of his men, if true.


Military intelligence should dig into the source of the 800 pieces of M-16 and M-14 rifles, grenade launchers and mortars that were reportedly given to Akbar before the May 14 election.


If the military intelligence earnestly investigates the source, it would face the proverbial blank wall.




Because, according to my informant, the weapons given to Akbar came from the government itself!


Why was Akbar given such a huge cache of weaponry?


My informant, who is himself with military intelligence, said that Akbar made a government bigwig win in Basilan during the 2004 election.


Also, the government thought wrongly—that Akbar would be fighting his former Abu Sayyaf comrades.


* * *


A member of a police group assigned at the piers that has been disbanded with the creation of the PASG (Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group) is still collecting protection money from smugglers.


The guy goes by the alias “Kalabaw.”


The guy may soon face arrest for allegedly using a policeman’s name in the tong collection racket at the piers.


* * *


Why do the South Expressway authorities allow vehicles with no taillights to cruise along the expressway at night?


I saw a car ahead of me Tuesday night nearly run smack into a slow-moving truck with no taillights at the expressway.


The South Expressway authorities apparently don’t care if lives and limbs are lost so long as they earn money from toll.


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