Demolition of condemned Manila buildings sought

By Tina Santos
Last updated 09:29pm (Mla time) 07/21/2007

MANILA, Philippines–The City Council of Manila has passed a resolution calling for the demolition of all condemned buildings and infrastructure in the city.


Written by Councilor Ma. Lourdes “Bonjay” Isip-Garcia, the resolution urged the local government to implement the demolition of all old and dilapidated structures in Manila.


Isip-Garcia, chairperson of the committee on housing and urban development and resettlement, lamented that the city has many condemned buildings that remain standing.


“There have been a lot of notices (for demolition) but I have yet to see actual demolition take place. These structures are dangerous to the public. They might collapse anytime, might harm or kill people and cause damage to other properties,” she said, adding that condemned buildings “attract the homeless, curious little children, particularly street kids.”


She also noted that condemned structures are eyesores, tarnishing the beauty of the community.


“Their demolition is both for public safety and aesthetic purposes,” the councilor said, adding that the past administration did not undertake demolition because it’s costly.


The measure also directed the City Engineering’s Office to provide a list of condemned buildings and infrastructures.


“After the city engineer’s office has come up with a list, the local government will coordinate with property owners for the smooth implementation of the demolition,” Isip-Garcia said.


She said owners of the condemned buildings might have civil and criminal liability. She added that Mayor Alfredo Lim has stated in his 11-point program that the demolition of condemned structures will be given top priority.


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