Pedong, Joy to fight for Barangay Opao

Pedong, Joy to fight for Barangay Opao
By Dale G. Israel
Cebu Daily News
Last updated 03:27pm (Mla time) 07/17/2007

Mandaue City, Philippines – Former Mandaue City mayor Alfredo “Pedong” Ouano may run against his daughter, Jovita Tuela “Joy” Ouano, for the top post of Barangay (village) Opao in the upcoming barangay elections.


Antero Caña Jr., an Ouano spokesperson, said the Mandaue patriarch intends to “end the squabble” between Joy and her brother, former mayor Thadeo Ouano, by running for the barangay captain, a position Joy holds.


Joy earlier told Cebu Daily News that she expected a “family member” to be a “tough opponent” in the upcoming polls.


Caña, spokesman of Thadeo, said in a written statement that Thadeo would not be involved in the barangay elections.


“He will concentrate instead on his private business,” Caña said.


“I am living a life as a private citizen and a businessman,” Thadeo said in the statement. “But I support the decision of my father.”


Thadeo said no one else in the family was interested in the barangay post currently held by his sister.


“All it takes for a father to be good to his family is to do his best to unite his siblings,” Thadeo said.


“My sister has several cases pending in various courts,” he added. “She should attend to them first instead of issuing statements that will divide the family.”


The Ouano clan had dominated Manduae City politics for two decades. This ended in the May 14 elections when Thadeo’s son, Thadeo Jovito “Jonkie” Ouano, lost the mayoral race to incumbent Mayor Jonas Cortes.


Joy, incumbent barangay captain of Opao and president of Mandaue’s Association of Barangay Captains, is the only member of the clan still holding public office.


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