Japanese restaurant owner shot dead in Mandaue City

Japanese restaurant owner shot dead in Mandaue City
By Jhunnex Napallacan
Visayas Bureau
Last updated 08:24pm (Mla time) 07/18/2007

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Two motorcycle-riding men shot dead a Japanese businessman in the first hour of Wednesday near the house he was renting in Mandaue City.


The Mandaue City police identified the fatality as Taroh Suda, 36, single, from Tokyo, and residing at Genzon Compound in Banilad, Mandaue City.


Suda, who has been residing in Cebu since 2001, owned a Japanese restaurant in Mandaue City.


Police Officer 2 Rey Manatad, leader of a probe team from the Mandaue City Police Office Precinct 4, said Suda died instantly from gunshot wounds in the head and in other parts of the body.


Manatad said the Japanese, who was driving his car, left the restaurant and went to a fast food chain before proceeding to his house in Genzon Compound past midnight.


A witness located 20 meters from the crime scene told Manatad that Suda disembarked from his vehicle to open the gate of the compound, when two men on a motorcycle arrived.


He said the motorcycle driver shot Suda, who tried to flee from his assailants by taking cover behind his vehicle.


But the second gunman, who was wearing a bonnet, got off the bike, approached the Japanese and shot him several times.


The gunmen shot the vehicle’s tire and the rear of the vehicle and then sped off, the witness added.


Manatad said they recovered nine casings for .45 pistol bullets.


Manatad said the gunmen were apparently waiting for the victim.


He said police had yet to determine the motive for the killing even as he said it could be due to a business dispute or personal grudge.


He said they learned that Suda had a Filipina live-in partner but they parted ways for still unknown reasons.


Manatad said police would try to find out if he had problems with his business partners or if there were employees who might have a grudge against him.


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