House bill seeks to create center for gifted children

By Maila Ager
Last updated 12:55pm (Mla time) 07/17/2007

MANILA, Philippines — A bill seeking the creation of a Center for the Gifted Children to help maximize their talents and provide other assistance has been filed at the House of Representatives.


In House Bill 266, South Cotabato Representative Darlene Antonino-Custodio said the center would provide logistical and infrastructure support to effectively supplement the curricular programs for Filipino gifted children.


It will also give special training programs for teachers, guidance counselors, school administrators, other personnel and parents concerned, she said.


“The center will identify at the earliest age possible gifted children and to provide developmental opportunities, scholarship grants, and other forms of assistance to them,” Custodio said in a statement.


She said the center would also set up and maintain linkages with national, international, governmental and non-governmental organizations, institutions and counterpart agencies involved in/or relevant to programs for Filipino gifted children.


“The center will create an environment where the expertise of gifted children are developed and utilized for the benefit of the country,” she pointed out.


Under the present educational system, Custodio lamented that gifted children, who have shown very high intellectual ability particularly in the fields of science and mathematics, have been forced to accept what little the school could offer to them.


These students then become lost and often end up not even finishing their studies while others have been pirated by foreign governments with offers of full scholarships and modern facilities, said Custodio.


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