Female cop in hot water for sexy online photo

Female cop in hot water for sexy online photo
By DJ Yap
Last updated 09:23am (Mla time) 07/14/2007

Re-posts to correct garble in headline.


MANILA, Philippines — A policewoman is in trouble for posting a picture of herself in a red brassiere in Friendster, a popular online network.


The officer, whose user name is “Queen Rubie,” could face administrative charges, including dismissal.


A mother of two from Cainta, Rizal reported the existence of the photograph to the National Police Commission.


Napolcom officials said the woman, whose name was withheld, had the rank of Police Officer 2 and is detailed at the office of Philippine National Police Director General Oscar Calderon.


Corazon Santos sent an e-mail to the Napolcom on June 20, “as a parent and civilian,” to report what she believed to be transgressions by an officer of the law.


She said the photograph was found on the Web by her nine-year-old son. It showed a closeup of the policewoman wearing a red bra. The caption read: “May ipagmamalaki ba (worth showing off)?” The photo gallery had other pictures of the officer, some showing her in uniform.


Director III Eduardo Castro, Napolcom Inspection, Monitoring and Investigation Service chief, said the police officer had taken a leave of absence.


He added that the policewoman could face charges of conduct unbecoming an officer and grave misconduct. “The maximum penalty is dismissal from the service,” he said.


In her profile, the policewoman said she was “30, (and) in a relationship.” She listed her hometown as SDMO, Mindanao, and her college as Misamis University. “Be true to yourself,” was found at the top of the page.


As of Friday, however, the account could no longer be accessed.


“From what we”ve seen, it seems that she has brought disgrace and dishonor to the police force. But we really have to look into the details first. In fairness to her, we”d like to hear her explanation,” Castro said.


Santos said the incident should serve as a reminder to the police force to be “more responsible in their actions.” She said she received e-mail messages after she was notified by Napolcom that an investigation was being conducted.


The sender identified herself as Norhaya Ali Ampungan, using the address norhayaali@yahoo.com. In one of the messages, the sender attached a picture of a group of heavily armed women soldiers.


Santos said she suspected the sender was a police officer herself. The sender, however, claimed she was just concerned for her “niece,” saying she was a civilian from Cotabato City.


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