US envoy lauds RP’s firm stance against terrorism

US envoy lauds RP’s firm stance against terrorism
By Tarra Quismundo
Last updated 10:22pm (Mla time) 07/08/2007

LEGAZPI CITY — United States Ambassador Kristie Kenney has lauded the Philippines’ efforts in preventing the spread of terrorism as she observed that she has never met a Filipino supportive of the cause of terror groups.


“I think the Philippines is doing a spectacular job of working to prevent terrorists from [establishing] sanctuaries in this country and recent events in London showed just how really careful you have to be, how really dangerous international terrorists are,” Kenney said in an interview on board the USS Peleliu, a Navy ship on a month-long humanitarian mission in the country.


Kenney was referring to recent attacks in the United Kingdom, where a burning car was driven into the main terminal of the airport in Glasgow, Scotland and two car bombs were discovered in London.


The envoy found it “very interesting” that the Philippines and its citizens have been very strong in their stand against terror.


“From my international experience, the Philippines has been a country that has been so strong. I don’t meet any Filipinos who have any sympathy to terrorists,” said Kenney.


“It’s a very diverse country but not one person here that I’ve talked to has any interest in terrorism. People actually want a peaceful life and a productive life, and I think that’s been a really strong factor,” she continued.


The United States and the Philippines have long been allies in the campaign against terrorism. Through its military, the US has been helping sharpen the Philippine Armed Forces’ capability to pursue groups linked with international terror networks.


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