Former PNB employee charged with P2M theft

By Margaux Ortiz
Last updated 06:08am (Mla time) 07/07/2007

MANILA, Philippines – A former employee of a Philippine National Bank branch in Quezon City is facing charges of qualified theft after allegedly withdrawing more than P2 million pesos from the account of a depositor.


Silverio Fernandez, manager of the PNB NIA branch, filed yesterday the charges against Reino Antonio Salvoro in the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office.


Fernandez alleged Salvoro, who worked at the PNB Delta branch as remittance analyst, had been absent without leave since April 8, 2003.


In his complaint, the bank manager said Angeles Gumabon, a depositor, and her two daughters Anna Marie and Anna Rose, had eight passbooks under a joint account with the bank.


On April 14, 2003, Anna Marie tried to withdraw P2 million from four of their accounts. But Fernandez said they found out that the accounts were either closed or linked to another client or did not exist in the Dimension International System (DIS). Moreover, records were also missing.


Anna Marie was asked to defer her withdrawal. She returned two days later with the four other passbooks with a total deposit balance of P627,739.14 for verification and updating. Again, bank officials discovered that the accounts had been closed.


Fernandez said an investigation showed that Salvoro withdrew the amounts and closed the accounts.


Fernandez added that the bank was compelled to restore P2,489,813.64 to the Gumabon family after Anna Marie wanted to withdraw the amount on May 23, 2003.


2 Responses to “Former PNB employee charged with P2M theft”

  1. peter young Says:

    Reino Antonio Salvoro? Is this the same person who graduated from Silliman University in Dumaguete City?

  2. cebuana li Says:

    Yes, this Salvoro guy is from Dumaguete City. In 2003, he got a tourist visa and fled to the US.

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