Ownership of gun found beside dead trader still a puzzler

By Kristine L. Alave
Last updated 02:07am (Mla time) 07/07/2007
MANILA, Philippines – The Eastern Police District (EPD) is tracing the ownership of the pistol found near the body of Jose Reyes, son-in-law of Mindoro Occidental Rep. Amelita Villarosa. EPD director Chief Supt. Luizo Ticman said the information would help them determine if Reyes killed himself or if foul play was involved.

But he was mum on other details surrounding the 43-year-old businessman’s death. He refused to say if the .9 mm pistol found near the body was the gun that killed Reyes. The crime laboratory has yet to release its findings.

Reyes, a Makati resident, was discovered dead at about 9:30 p.m. Wednesday inside P-59 at the fourth floor of Valle Verde Mansion in Capt. Henry Javier Street, Brgy. Oranbo, Pasig City, an apparent suicide, police said.

But Pasig City police chief Sr. Supt. Frank Uyami said they were not ruling out the possibility that Reyes was a victim of foul play.

Police said Reyes’ body was discovered by his friend, businessman Bernard de Venecia, the unit’s owner. The victim had a single gunshot wound on the neck just below the chin.

A black Zig-Zauer .9 mm pistol with serial number B260185 and with one loaded magazine was recovered from the crime scene. A slug was recovered inside a pillow on top of Reyes’ head.


4 Responses to “Ownership of gun found beside dead trader still a puzzler”

  1. Daniel G. Says:

    Can someone tell me if this is the same Jose Reyes who lived in South San Francisco, CA in the 80’s and 90’s?

  2. anonymous Says:

    yes, it is the same Jose Reyes.

  3. Angelo R. Says:

    Yup, he was my dad.

  4. Lisa K Says:

    I was a frien of Joey’s. Angelo, can you give me more details. Where is your mom and your sister. I worked at Genentech with your dad and used to stay with your family on the weekends when I was working.

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