Mandaue barangays want elections to be postponed

By Dale G. Israel
Cebu Daily News
Last updated 02:02pm (Mla time) 07/06/2007

CEBU, Philippines—Association of Barangay Council (ABC) Mandaue president Jovita “Joy” Tuela Ouano said all 26 barangays in Mandaue are in favor of postponing the barangay elections slated this October.


Ouano, barangay captain of Opao, said they are citing the high cost of conducting the exercise twice in a year. The Philippines held a midterm elections for national and local officials last May 14.


“That is our stand, we hope it will be held next year,” Ouano added.


She said that the stand was reached after holding several meetings with the other chief executives of the other barangays.


Earlier, reelected Rep. Eduardo Gullas of the first district of Cebu said he plans to re-file his bill in Congress seeking to postpone the barangay elections.


Although it may be difficult for his bill to be passed in Congress with October only three months away, the congressman insists on filing it again when the 14th Congress opens on July 23.


The congressman said he believed that two elections – recently held May 14 polls and the October slated barangay elections – in a span of five months would stoke inflation and put pressure on the increase of interest rates.


Gullas filed House Bill 6116 seeking the postponement of the October 2007 barangay elections to October 2008 in the 13th Congress but the House of Representatives failed to tackle it due to time constraints.


Mandaue barangay chiefs met the new mayor, Jonas Cortes, last Monday to talk about the ABC’s role in the new administration.


Ouano said she was happy about the abolition of the Barangay Affairs Coordinating Office (BACO), which was created by her brother former mayor Thadeo Ouano.


She shared the same sentiment of Mayor Cortes who said that BACO is a duplication of the function of the ABC which is an office dedicated to the different barangays of the city.


Ouano said BACO was created because she was at odds with her brother, the former mayor.


The BACO was previously headed by Thadeo Jovito “Jonkie” Ouano, who was the mayoralty opponent of Cortes.


“I would have wanted to (complain about the creation of BACO), Joy told Cebu Daily News. “But it’s hard to fight with a mayor.”


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