‘Cycling priest’ loses wheels to thieves

Last updated 06:38am (Mla time) 06/24/2007

DAVAO CITY, Philippines—Fr. Amado Picardal, who bikes around the country bringing a message of peace, has lost his bicycle to thieves.


Last week, the 52-year-old priest, who is called “Father Picx,” had just arrived from a trip to Iligan City when he learned of the theft which occurred right in the compound of the Redemptorist Congregation here.


“The first thing they told me was ‘Father, we got bad news for you. Your bike was stolen,’” Picardal told the Inquirer on Friday.


It was the same mountain bike, except for the main frame and some parts, that Picardal used on his first bicycle road trip from Davao City to the northern tip of Luzon in 2000.picx.jpg


He took another trip last year, biking some 2,000 kilometers over concrete and dirt roads across Mindanao, including conflict-affected areas, in 21 days. In every town he stopped at for the night, he offered a Mass.


The theft of his bike would not prevent him from continuing with his advocacy, he said.


He is set to embark on his longest bike trip yet in the next two years. This time he will set out from Davao City and pedal to the Cordillera in Luzon and back, taking different routes each way.


In this connection, he has appealed to the person who took his bike: “Please return it because I need it to travel the Philippines.”


He said he was not interested in filing charges against the culprit provided [he] “just return it.” Dennis Jay Santos, Inquirer Mindanao


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