Cop wannabes caught cheating, banned permanently

Cop wannabes caught cheating, banned permanently
By Thea Alberto
Last updated 04:29pm (Mla time) 06/22/2007

MANILA Philippines — Seven police applicants from the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) have been slapped a “perpetual disqualification” after being caught cheating in the entrance examinations given by the National Police Commission (Napolcom).


The permanent ban was imposed on Ansari Laguindab, Faisal Joharri Haron, Magungun Naga, Khalil Dimael, Sahid Sansaluna, Shalla Amalromag, and Johary Diamael, by Interior Secretary and Napolcom chairman Ronaldo Puno.


Puno, in a Napolcom statement issued Friday, said the “exceptionally high percentage of identical correct and wrong answers of the examinees” prove they cheated while taking the entrance examination at the Notre Dame Village National High School.


Also banned from becoming proctors in future police admission examinations, for allegedly tolerating the cheating, are Musa Compania and Asnawl Kali.

The report of the examination coordinator for the ARMM said Laguindab was caught cheating “and holding a piece of paper with possible answers” during the examination proper.

The Napolcom Test Development Committee, on the other hand, analyzed the answer patterns of the other cheaters and found that their answers were “identical.”


The Napolcom said the disqualification of the examinees should “send a strong message” to aspiring policemen.


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